Additional building works


The kitchen has evolved over the last decade from being much more than simply the place where food is prepared to being the busiest multi-purpose room within our homes. It really is the heart of your home and is often an entire lifestyle space that incorporates cooking, dining, relaxing and living. At Kelly Marie Kitchen Interiors we have all the experience required to create that dream lifestyle space. This often means that additional building work is required: walls may need to come down, new lighting necessary and new flooring with underfloor heating. We can advise you and oversee this work from the removal of your existing kitchen to the fixing of services such as plumbing, electrics and gas etc. We work very closely in partnership with a local and highly reputable building company that can undertake these major lifestyle projects.


We also regularly work with architects and we have a full comprehension of the planning process. Please ask us should you require additional building work, so that we can create an appropriate estimate that fully encompasses all your requirements in order to make the most out of your available space.